Qping – finding a bunch of live subdomains

Every bug hunters facing problem in finding live subdomains during bug hunting. so this tool will solve this problem.
Qping is a simple python tool for finding a bunch of live subdomains. Generally, subdomain enumeration tools (Eg. sublist3r) provide a list that consists of both Live and down subdomains. Hence the user time will be wasted to separate the live subdomains alone. So we have introduced this simple qping tool to get the live subdomains. qping read the subdomain list which is provided by subdomain enumeration tool and gives the online subdomain list separately for bug bounty


• Python
• requests module needs to be installed

Install requests module

pip install requests

To run the file

git clone https://github.com/tamilbotnet/qping.git

Your URL has to be given above.
Now navigate to qping directory
cd qping /
Now you can run qping

Python qping.py subdomainlist.txt


!= l337

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